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Modelling: Paved Bases
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Games Collection

I tend to write alot of systems to follow interesting concepts
These are all unfinished but hopefully give an idea of what i was aiming for each

Beasts, Abominations, Monsters
Created in 2010, similar in scale to early Warmachine - mainly designed to have immensely customisable fighters

The Fall
Created in 2011, a setting concept planned for an Inquisitor-esk tabletop RPG

Created in 2020, designed to have a small skirmish game using hte Fokopop Harry Potter Calander that year

Inquiry Inc
Created in 2009, designed as a co-operative board game using miniatures

Order 66
created in 2017, follows a Character Jedi and a small squad of Storm Troopers in a squad scaled combat

Created in 2018, inspired by a set of Princess Bride miniatures received in a Model Box

Team Fortress 2
Created in 2019, a game system requiring no dice at all set in Valve's Team Fortress universe

The Vault
Created in 2015, a semi-co-operative Dungeon Crawl in the Fallout universe

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