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The First Founding Project
Legion 18 - Salamanders

Xa'phan was originally one of the Salamanders leading Artificers, Master Of The Forge of the third company.
Having accompanied his company in wars and conflict over several decades, it was when Xa'phan led a force of battle brothers in the liberation of Colstanus V his Chapter Life was forever changed.
Colstanus V orbited close to it's sun, an arid dry world wracked with volcanoes similar to the Salamanders' home of Nocturn, and yet plagued by a tribe of feral orks.

Xa'phan and his force decimated the primitive orks without much distress; the orks' spears barely able to damage the stalwart Space Marines' Power Armour.
it was, however, in the aftermath disaster struck. In butchering the orks, the bloodshed was enough to awaken a dormant daemonlord underneath the planets' skin; the root of the volcanoes unnatural heat.
The Space Marines moved fast to delay DaemonLord Ark-Trx-Nia , servant of Khorne as it awoke from a millenia of slumber.
However, the Daemon was a being of unbelievable power; skin of brass, blood of molten bronze and flame licking across its' unnatural flesh. Where it trod the sand turned to glass, the heat of its' breath enough to burn the very air.
The Marines fought a strategic retreat; shepherding Colstanus' population toward extraction.

As the final battle brothers boarded, the company's Librarian, Epistolary Tu'Kain remained behind, utilising the full force of he psionic might to fend off burning air and keep the daemon from unfurling its wings to leave the planet.
Once the ships left orbit, the Space Marine battlefleet bombarded the planet; the collapsing gravity combined with the extinguished oxygen extinguished the daemons' flame prematurely and destroyed its' bronze form.

relocating the homeless Colstanusians to the unpopulated world of Daitrine in a nearby system, Xa'phan decided to stay behind with the population, to protect them as they built their new home.

Over a century has passed and the population has begun to flourish; the people forging an Iron-Age for themselves.
Stories and legends are told about Master Xa'phan, Lord of the Forges and Sky-Warrior.
Having taught the art of smithing to the people, he has carried teachings of The Immortal God-Emperor, protected them from marauding xenos and aided them in dealing with interstellar traders.

Xa'phan watches over his adopted people carefully, giving them room to expand and find their own way, but remaining close to teach them much needed skills.
Spending his time in the forges, he is always present when travellers hit planetfall; the towering presence of an Astartes giving the most hardened traders second thoughts of abusing the technologically simple people... gallery/ff_salamanders/salamander01.JPG
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