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The First Founding Project
Legion 1 - Dark Angels

Marius was an average Battle Brother in the Dark Angels, fighting for his Chapter for several decades.
As per any son of el Johnson, Marius went from Battle Brother to Sargeant, upto Veteran and, with being the sole survivor of the Ilandis V Massicare, holding the tattered Imperial Guard regiment firm until reinforcements arrived, promoted into the Deathwing.
It was after the Rites when Marius learned the Truth of the Fallen; how half the legion were swayed by Luthors' lies and that many of these traitors were still at large. With this knowledge that Marius' Faith was shaken.
Each of those brothers were trained and fought as he had. Each had spilt blood and fought in The Lions' name as he had.

Marius' combat efficiency dropped, the knowledge of the Fallen weighing down apon his mind, preventing him from working as an Battle Brother.
Marius spent time with the confessors and Chaplains, trying to regain his Faith, taking the sacred acts of flagellation to the point they were damaging, even for his altered physique. He would intone prayer for days on end until his voice failed and the flagstones cracked under his weight.
Rumour persisted throughout the chapter of this Brother who had lost his faith, many putting it down to Ilandis.

The Dark Council, lead by Grand Master Azael, gave Marius leave to take the shattered remnants of his former Captains' Relic Blade and travel the Imperium, accompanied by a single serf, tasked with bringing Faith and Imperial Teachings to Mankind; such a humble journey and teaching others to reviere the God-Emperor, often by his very precense, may aid X to refuel his Faith, wherein he would be welcomed back to The Rock and have his Relic Blade reforged, a symbol of what he had regained. gallery/ff_darkangel/dark_angel_01.jpg
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