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The First Founding Project
Legion 9 - Blood Angels

The world of Tarsis V is an Imperial outpost, hit hard by the Necrons
The Blood angels 6th company led the defense of the local populace in a series of battles ending with the Blood Angels leveling the mountain containing the Necron's main phylactery at the sacrifice of several battle brothers
Several years have passed without incident, however there are stories of remnants of the Xenos stil lraiding - after all several cattle have been found multiated and rumours persist of people disappearing ...

Brother Razapal of Tactical Squad Three was part of the suicide raid to plant the high-explosives into the centre of the Necron fortifications
While successful, the Blood Angels were caught in the explosion and the collapse of the mountain.
Razapal was trapped in the rubble and soon succumbed to The Red Thirst.
His armour and mind shattered, he dug his way out of the ruins and preys on isolated people, his mind returning enough to return to hiding until the Thirst takes over gallery/ff_bloodangel/blood_angel.jpg
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