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  • Malifaux: Ophelia vs Ramos -30/06/12

    Photo Gallery

    Ophelia spat and kicked at a bantam chicken fluttering around her feet. She'd had it all planned; a quick raid into southern NCZ to liberate a moonshine still. She hadn't counted on Dr. Ramos being there for his own nefarious plans.

    The booze would be hers! They'd give him a hiding!

    She had grabbed a pair of relatives to form a hit squad, all proper but someone had thought the plan was to take the chickens for a walk!

    Ophelia and her guard snuck into the block without issue; distancing themselves from the squawking and calls of the giant animals.

    As they dashed behind a building they could see the mass of mechanical objects across the way amongst some empty market stalls.

    Ophelia couldn't be sure, but she was sure the mad scientist had some massive spider thing over there!

    The Gunsmiths dashed forward; treasure ahead of them.

    They were met with a shocking sight; a horde of large chickens heading toward them at full pelt!

    While Ophelia and her kin dashed forward, Ramos used his mobile toolkit to bodge together another Steampunk Arachnid.

    Ophelia and her kin passed around the large wall alongside the still while the Chicken Whisperer advanced toward them; she looked to be escaping the Gun Smiths and rampaging chickens.

    The War Roosters slammed into the gun smiths, knocking them around while they filled the air with lead and experimental shot...

    Things didn't go the way of the animals; while the Egg Hauler whipped them into a Frenzy, one giant chicken was slain as the giant steam-powered spider joined the fray.

    However, one war rooster stampeded though the Gun Smiths into Ramos, slamming the master to the ground and smashing the old man into the dust, causing his tools and equipment to self-destruct, tearing chunks from the giant chicken.

    As Ophelias hit team moved to secure the still, facing a swarm of smaller arachnids the stampeding beast careened into the background.
    Spotting her chance, the Foul Whisperer dashed forward, whispering sweet nothings to the beast, calming it's stampede and tended it's wounds.

    As the chicken slammed toward the spider swarm, it dispursed to attack the gremlins.

    Ophelia shouted for the Whisperer to join her, throwing a hail of bullets toward the spiders. This paniced the chicken and it stampeded off away from the melee.
    Luckily some of Ophelias covering fire impacted on the spider and smashed it to peices!

    One of Ophelias' bodyguard dashed off to see where the chicken and piglet had gone, he spotted the Gunsmith and Arachnid heading for the treasure.

    The Arachnid attacked the gremlin, smashing it into the floor.
    The War Rooster stampeded across the arachnid, battering it aside in it's rage.
    Unnoticed, the Gun Smith slipped past the monsters, heading for the way home.

    As the Rooster smashed the gun smith apart, the Arachnid grabbed the treasure and prepared to pass by as the rooster scratched at the dirt by the market stalls.

    The Arachnid scrambled across the building as the giant chicken chased it from street level.

    Ophelias remaining bodyguard secured the still while she moved to support and pelted the metal spider as it dropped to street level.

    As the Arachnid made off with the treasure Ophelia and her crew grabbed the liquor and made back for base... it was alot of effort but there would be drinkin' and fightin' in the camp tonight!

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