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    The Eramus Affair
    Brethren, we have word from Hive Primus on the world of Obcultus V. It has been confirmed the Rogue Trader Eramus had been smuggling weapons into hidden cults across the Hive.
    His purpose is unknown as is the location and information regarding the cults is sparse.
    We have infiltrated teams into the Hive and they are seeking to uncover Eramus' plot.
    This is a campaign being run at Triple Helix Wargames. Photo galleries follow and once the campaign is finished, Scenario pack downloads will be available
    Scenario 0 - Entranced a Demo game at Triple Helix' 2nd Birthday Event
    Bomberman Adrian's Test Scenario - Not Canon
    Scenario 6 -Information Gathering
    Scenario 9 - Brute Entry

    Inquisitor Story Reports
    Magos Rownes Log 031009 (Winter Conclave '09)
    Adept Liwets Log 121209 Inquisitor Grand Tournament '09)
    Herald Claudius Recollection (Spring Conclave '10)
    Spiders and Shotguns; Emyrd on Ilithyia (Autumn Conclave '11)
    The Carlous VI Affair - Adept Liwet at the Inquisitor Grand Tournament '12
    The Kaede Mack Conspiracy - the Summer Conclave 2012
    Grinding Gears (Inquisitor Grand Tournament 2013)

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    Inquisitor GT'09
    Inquisitor GT'11
    Inquisitor GT'12
    Inquisitor GT'13
    Winter Conclave'09
    Spring Conclave'11
    Autumn Conclave'11
    Summer Conclave'12
    Winter Conclave'12
    Autumn Conclave'13 - broken thumbnails!
    Southwest Conclave'14
    Summer Conclave'14

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