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  • Converting: Malifaux Slop Hauler

    So, the Slop Hauler is one of the Gremlins new miniatures in the Rising Powers expansion for Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux.
    Coming in at 5Soulstones and havs competant Area Of Effect healing, many gremlins crews will be featuring this little guy! with Neveratas Malifaux Tournament in November, i knew i needed this guy in my crew, so here's how i converted mine!

    i started with the Gremlin with the banjo; the lack of cloak allowing eas access to his legs and open pose easier to alter :)

    from here, we remove his legs at the knees (the haulers have their trousers rolled up; i would too in that swill!) and his hat :)

    next we find a thin peice of brass rod. this will be the wooden shaft the buckets hang from.
    Find something slightly thinner than required; we'll be using greenstuff to bulk it out! i'm using 0.4mm brass wire :)
    we place it between his shoulders to check size ; it's good to leave extra as this allows us to hold it while we sculpt!

    I've also drilled out his legs and inserted brass rod so that they are the same length as his legs. stand him next to another gremlin to check!

    next we cover this rod in greenstuff. cover the brass rod and then roll it out on a damp, flat surface to get a smooth effect

    From here, take a damp sculpting tool and drag it gently but firmly along the length. if your tool starts to stick, moisten it and continue the cut.
    don't worry about keeping it straight; it's a wood grain effect!

    keep rotating the rod untill we have a full shaft;

    Place this somewhere to dry; the key to sculpting is knowing when to leave things alone!

    Next we're going to work on those legs. slap a sausage of greenstuff about the right thickness onto the side of hte brass rod

    use your sculpting tool to wrap the greenstuff around the brass rod.

    then take a damp, flat edge of the tool and smooth out the greenstuff.
    We then use the blade edge to cut the shape of a foot in the GS on the base.

    once again with the blade, poke the toes into the greenstuff

    and use the tip to poke in he toenail areas. for hardcore sculptors, let it dry and add a small ball of greenstuff into this hole to sculpt toenails ;)

    do both legs and set the little guy aside to dry; too often i've squished nice sculpting with my impatience!

    next we're going to work on those trouserlegs. Add a sausage of greenstuff to where the metal meets the greenstuff.

    use a wet tool to wrap this around the leg, cut off any excess and try to smooth out the join

    use the blade of your sculpting tool to tidy up the edges (try to keep them the same size!) and poke a few folds into this sausage

    now then, the wooden shaft should be dry and we can test fit it, bending the arms to get a natural pose

    i've snipped off the end (the illustration has a flat edge!) and filed a couple of notches into the wood. this will give hte buckets somewhere to hang.
    we can see i've bulked up where his head was missing from the hat removal. it's a bit thinner than the rest of his head for a reason!
    This peice of plastic in veiw is the width of the inside of the buckets. several manufacturers make buckets and barrels, but not sure which ones are in scale, so going to sculpt my own!

    i've placed some greenstuff on the plastic and wrapped it around, smoothing it off with my sculpting tool.

    using a knife, trim the edges to get a nice (fairly) even edge around the open top

    next use the slightly fatter edge of the sculpting tool to mark the planks on the bucket

    back to the point, create the grain as we did earlier with the shaft

    put this aside to dry and we'll return to the goblin.
    i've placed some more thin wire across the shaft, running in those notches. i've bent it by hand and balanced it to check; try to bend it on the shaft and something will break! :)

    once the bucket was completly dry, i carefully slid it off of the plastic rod to compare with the hanging wire

    a dab of glue onto the wire and the bucket stays in place nicely. it's not glued here yet...

    you can either put pva glue or resin into the buckets for liquid slop, but i'm going for gribbly bits!
    make a tube of greenstuff that tapers to a point

    carefully place this into the bucket and lean it against the side for instant tentacle!

    i've added a couple and also a square of greenstuff to paint as bacon later :D

    for a traditional tentacle, add balls of greenstuff along a tentacle; greenstuff that hasn't set makes them stick more reliably, but requires careful poking!

    carefully squish the balls into flat discs, still slightly proud of the tentacle.

    then with something sharp, poke dots into the middle of these discs for proper suckers!

    here, i've added a ball of greenstuff, flattened into a long oval (tucked into the bucket)

    by placing a thin sculpting tool at 90 degrees we can make a fish skeleton!

    and simply poke holes to make the eye / mouth for a rotting fish head!

    coming back to the slop hauler while his bucket detail drys, we make him a nice helmet of greenstuff

    taking a damp tool, make a line running all the way around his head

    from here, poke a striaght + into the top of the hat. then mark off hte compass points

    and add further ones for proper sewn hat effect!

    next take your sculpting tool and add vertical lines to the unmarked area; this will look like a folded up hat

    next, once everything is dry, glue everything together for a passable slop hauler proxy untill Wyrd release theirs!


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