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  • Sculpting Guide: Rivets

    "Greenstuff" Gav

    This guide has come about after a comment on the Privateer Press Forums regarding a plastic Spriggan conversion i've been working on.

    So, here's a short guide to how i got made the rivets :)

    the main tool is the nib from a mechanical pencil; check the graphite from the pencil and this is how big your rivets will be.

    next make a sausage of greenstuff and place it where you want the rivet to be.
    be sure to add slightly more Yellow than blue; this will aid the greenstuff to stick to the miniature then your tool!

    take your tool and make sure it is wet; normally you keep tools damp, but in this instance we don't want the greenstuff sticking to it at all!
    place it where you want the rivet and press hard so the nib touches the miniature.
    twist it left and right to ensure it's cut through the greenstuff; sometimes the nibs aren't completley flush with the miniature.

    Removing your tool will leave a visable rivet amongst the greenstuff sausage.

    taking a damp sculpting tool, carefully peel away the sausage; being careful not to dislodge your rivet!

    this will leave you with a rivet!
    be careful not to squish the rivet sculpting more or placing the miniature to dry!

    Happy sculpting!

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