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  • Conversion Guide: Reposing Limbs

    "Greenstuff" Gav

    This is a bit random and unstructured, but i'm not sure if its of any use to anyone... I was going to throw it away and doing something proper but i'm lazy :)
    This time I'm covering Reposing : the art of moving limbs about.

    Firstly and most importantly, spend a bit of time cleaning the flash (mould lines) and other bits of the limb... this takes a little extra time but is useful in the long run.

    Next up you need to cut the limb across where the current join is. the trick is to spot where a limb would actually bend (in this case, the elbow) and seperate the limb there.

    We then trim both surfaces to get flat edges... this will amke it easier to pin (as demonstrated in a previous guide!)

    When pinning its important to try and keep the pin so that the limb is still the same length in total (i've created figs with one arm shorter'n the other before!)
    A "dry fit" (assembling without glue) of the pin and posing on the figure is helpful for getting this right.

    Once glued together, all that is needed is some greenstuff work to bridge the gap between both sides, continuing the detail between.

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