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  • Conversion Guide: Kneeling Figures

    "Greenstuff" Gav

    This one had come about after the posting of my Guard Sniper.
    Many people asked how I got her to kneel down. It's not completly hard process, so here we go...

    First thing is to get all the detailing done on the base... Its alot easier to pose the legs if you have the base sorted.
    For my guard unit I simply glued some mesh to a base (running the glue around the edge) and trimmed the excess off (once left to dry of course!)...

    Followed closley by cleaning up all the flash on the legs.
    Once cleaned up, I used a fine saw to carefully slice the legs in half...

    This was followed by cutting the legs in half at the knee.

    I then cut the toe off the lower leg, and a grove into the forward leg so it would sit flush on the thighs (it'll become clear later!)

    This is a hard part. I drilled ahole in each side of the upper halves of the legs and slotted a pin in (glueing it to only one side).
    I moved them about and held them against the bottom half of the legs untill i got a pose I was happy with. I then glued them together.

    Once the top half was dry, I realised that the "skirt" that all guard wear was hanging wrong... so I filed off alot the the detail untill I had a smooth surface to sculpt it all back on.

    I then pinned the bottom halves of the legs back on, again only gluing one side untill i was happy with the pose.

    Once I was happy and the legs were glues together, I glued it to the base and carefully glued the back foot's toes back on.

    And the second hard part was next. I filled all the gaps with greenstuff, allowing it to dry before I built up the detail, blending both sides of all the joins together.

    And that was all that was needed. Alot of patience is needed.. for the positioning and the greenstuff work. I suppose practise makes perfect!

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