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  • Conversion Guide: Repeater Crossbow

    "Greenstuff" Gav

    A Random one this, I watched the Van Helsing film and loved it.
    And I randomly threw this together out of my Bitz box then built an Inquisitor to carry it!
    This lead to several people asking how it was made and so I built one for Inquisitor Veredus' character.

    For this conversion you will need:

    • Barberetta's Shotgun
    • Marine MeltaBomb
    • Two WHFB Plastic swords identical... i used empire freecompany ones
    • 2x Guard Autocannon ammo hoppers
    • An Eagle head off a metal high elf bannerbearer Optional... its for decor

    First thing, as always, is to clean up any flash / mould lines.
    I also filed the "flat" sides of the autocannon drums and clipped off the handles.
    When gluing them together, be careful they line up perfectly or they will look rubbish.
    I also cut off the Shotgun's barrel, and the pump-hand grip.

    The ammo hopper was glued on, keepig it central. The meltabomb was glued to the back of the stock as a gas / power canister.
    The sword blades were glued on either side of the remains of the barrel. Again, care was taken to keep them as straight as possible (they are.. just the photo's shadow looks lop-sided)

    I then drilled out the end of the barrel and greenstuffed any joins flush.
    I also added the Eagle underneath the barrel and a cable from the meltbomb into the stock.
    Feel free to embellish with any details as you see fit.

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