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  • Sculpting Technique: Belts

    "Greenstuff" Gav

    This guide came about from a 54mm sculpt of Hasslefree's Eve.
    Basically I needed to sculpt some belts & after a few failed attempts this is what I came up with...

    Firstly, take a sausage of Greenstuff slightly smaller than the width of the belt you are sculpting. This needs to be slightly shorter than whatever it's wrapped around. This takes alot of guesswork, but is easily fixed if it turns out too short / long!

    Secondly, flatten the greenstuff so that it is smooth and the right thickness for the belt. Bring the belt all the way around the limb and join the edges.

    Take a wet knife and run along the greenstuff, creating sharp edges for the belt... try to keep the width even!

    Next take a point and press into the belt at even distances to create buckle holes.
    Now let the GS dry completely before trying the next step.

    Take a sausage of Greenstuff just over three times the width of the belt itself.
    Place it so the middle third is central on the belt.

    Next, use a wet tool to gently bend the outer two thirds in to touch the sides of the belt.
    I also flatten it slightly at this point.
    Use a knife to cut away excess and make sure they are the same length!

    Finally, once the buckle is dry I add a small straight bar from one of the holes onto the buckle as the latch and you are done!

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