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  • Gorkamorka: Da Battle Of Santa Klawz

    "Let's get 'em boyz!" the soldier shouted as the trak lurched forward; Da RED Mobs' advance krew was closing in on Santa Klawz and the bag of loot would be theirs!
    As their trak thrusted toward the red robed grot three other vehicles appeared over the dunes; a trak ahead and a trukk either side; Kringle was kornered!

    As the RED team approached the centre the grot spun and lurched toward the trak
    "Give 'im hell boyz!" Soldier screamed and leapt off the trak at the approaching cart

    "look at dis baby!" Heavy laughed, vaulting off the trak toward the red cart; his expression soon changed "Oh no! Dis is not good!" as he planted flat on the sand.
    Thankfully his large form bounced and he was unharmed from his fall.

    "Ach, was ist los?" Came a cry; the medic had attempted to leap onto scrap discarded from Klawz' travels and instead managed to impale himself on something sharp, spraying blood and spit all over the sand.

    Meanwhile a trukk advanced, it's nob screaming obscenities as his krew readied their weapons

    Another trukk hurtled toward the scrap between Soldier and Klawz, but their thrusters failed and the trukk skidded to a halt

    Klawz snapped his reins and hurtled off, Soldier still holding on as the cart sped off into the distance!

    the speed was too much for Soldier and he was flung to the floor, impacting heavily enough to knock him out!

    The two trukks continued to speed toward each other, impacting in a collision that immobilised the larger one and send a plethora of parts scattering everywhere from the smaller trukk!

    the two mobs crashed into each other, one skarboy leaping onto the Heavy and pulverising the heavy ork!

    as the RED Trak skidded to a halt by the bleeding-out medic, the other trak impacted with the large trukk, the three krews erupting into a massive brawl!

    While the trak-riding mob bottled out, the trukk-mounted mobs continued their brawl, each side flailing uselessly against the other!

    The engineer, loading scrap into his trukk over-gunned his engines and impacted with a brawl, crashing into the large trukk

    spotting the Soldier, Heavy and medic unconscious, he quickly turned his truk around and blasted off the field!

    Father Krumpmas, spotting a boy thrown clear of the carnage, stirred his squig and ran straight over the top of the poor boy!

    While the brawl turned one-sided and all but two of the combatants were taken out of action, Santa Klaws turned his cart around and ran back over the boy and off!

    leaving two boys from the large-trukked mob alive to gather scrap, all that could be heard was

    "merry waaaaghmaaaaaaaaassssss!"

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