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  • The First Founding Project

    The First Founding Project is something that had been bugging me from when i first seen a Death Watch Space Marine destroy three whole warbands in Inquisitors early days.
    As covered in my article for Dark Magenta, Space Marines are big impressive miniatures and all too often don't receive the background appropriate for their use, many people (myself included) have fallen foul of the "he's on a quest!" cop-out!

    That's part of the theory behind The First Founding Project; to make an appropriate conversion for each of the Founding Astartes Legions and provide each with appropriate background for Inquisitor.

    The second theory behind the project is the lack of support Space Marines received; everyone knows Space Marines are all powerful, with many GMs banning them from the outset, why craft details for them?
    The 54mm Space Marine model Artemis is a superb sculpt so no work is needed to simply paint a fantastic figure, but it does leave a bland taste in the mouth; for a game dedicated to characters, why skimp on one?
    So i plan on sculpting a Shoulderpad to replace the Deathwatch Pad on Artemis and also deal with the crazy price inflation on the now out of production Space Marine Helmet; for each character i shall model a matching helmet as well :)

    So i shall be covering the 18 founding chapters in Background with a cast Shoulderpad and Helmet for each!
    shamelessly stolen from the 40k Wikia:

    The Project at its current state

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