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  • First Founding Project: Kargos Bloodspitter, World Eaters

    With the World Eaters being renown for wild crazed bloodlust at first glance they would appear inappropriate for Inquisitor.
    In the Warhammer 40,000 second edition Codex Imperialis, there is a quote alongside an illustration of a World Eater stood on a field of skulls.
    This quote always stood counter to the frothing madmen Khorne Berzerkers are portrayed as. Following from this I followed the theory of an immortal veteran, bored with the endless slaughter and wishing for a final end.

    For the miniature, he was sculpted and painted for The Conclaves' Hobby Competition, involving alot of resculpting of details to fit the illustration :)

    Though the gates that stand between the mortal world and the immortal Realm of Chaos are now closed to me, still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than never to have stirred from the cold furrow of mortal life. I embrace death without regret as I embraced life without fear
    -Kargos Bloodspitter, Champion of Khorne

    Kargos Bloodspitter, born on the homeworld of the World Eaters, inducted into Angron's Legion during a campaign in a neighbouring sector.
    All of his memories before his induction lost in the mists of time, all of his memories before the Heresy wiped.

    Kargos was present at the breaching of the Imperial Palace, one of the many mangled corpses left littering the battlements.
    However this was not the end of Kargos' existence; at the end of the Heresy, Angron resurrected many hundreds of his children in an attempt to break free of the Eye.
    While this failed, Kargos found himself battling for millennia against his brothers and those from other Legions, little more than a berserk monster.

    It was in 40,444 when Angron pulled many of the Traitor Marines onto the planet Armageddon to spill blood and split skulls in the name of the Dark Gods.
    Kargos, part of a charge across the Styx, was once again slain by the pounding of heavy artillery, his mangled corpse left floating in the blood-seeped waters.

    This trend continued for many centuries; Kargos being thrown into war by The Blood God, only to be reborn in the immaterium when he fell.

    After a bloody battle within the Warp, Kargos found himself on a cruiser captured by Captain Karlsen of the Thousand Sons, who attempted to use the blood link between the World Eaters and their Primarch to force the legion to it's knees.
    Despite it's failure, the world eater was different; some semblance of his mind returned and his soul had a taint from Tzeentch's magic.
    This had a side effect; whenever summoning circles are aligned, acolytes of the dark powers, expecting daemons and all sorts, find themselves confronting an irate Astarte.

    After countless centuries of warfare and bloodshed, at the end of each conflict Kargos found himself stood on a field of skulls, lamenting his immortality.

    Now he embraces every summoning in the hope of meeting one of the Imperium's Proper Heroes, full of zeal and burning faith, able to lay him to eternal rest.

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