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  • The Summer Conclave 150912: The Kaede Mack Conspiracy

    Inquisitor Jai Lon-Cheer drummed her fingers on the desk in irritation.
    "Kaede Mack this. Kaede Mack that." she brooded. The dealer in Xenos artifacts had slipped out of her grasp on more than one occasion and was due a meeting with her pistol.

    Glancing up, she observed Sierannkerunkhisanith singing gently to her wraithbone rifle, smoothing out its surface and healing damage taken in a scuffle with the Mechanicus recently. "" Jai called out quietly to the young Exodite. "[prepare yourself. We are going hunting...]"

    Inquisitor Claire Henjoe and the Exodite Khisanith entered the glass dome on the world Giddigan's Last cautiously.
    The network of underground Vaults were spread amongst the planets and moons of the dust system, often situated in dangerous conditions.
    Indeed, Giddigan's Last hd a corrosive atmosphere and small plexi-glass domes dotted across it's surface.

    As Henjoe advanced cautiously into the woods, she spotted movement as a winged Eldar Outcast swooped close to the ground across a wooded area. despite the speed in which the Eldar was travelling, Henjoe spotted the distinctive stylings of Commorraghian armour plate and weaponry.

    Khisanith, still unused to the subtefuge and with the impatience of youth, moved forward, her long-rifle scanning the treelines for movement.

    While Henjoe evaded toward the Vault entrance, the Outcast searched the entrance for the door.
    Avoiding the Big Red Button, she primed and placed a plasma grenade, it's countdown timer ready to shatter the control panel.

    As the Eldar moved into cover, it's eyes glazed as a nearly psyker gained control of her, puppeting the Xenos to hunt around the base of the entrance for information.
    Khisanith spotting the unusual movements, took aim with her long-rifle, ready to strike.

    As the Eldar ambushed Henjoe she spun, racking it's legs in Shuriken fire, the pain throwing off the possession and causing the Eldar to panic and bolt upwards to the safety of the roof.

    At this point, a plethora of gunfire erupted from the far side of the hab done; Autofire mixing with bolt rounds and the heart-stopping sond of the firepower punching through the plexi-glass dome!

    Jena, realising the toxic vapour would begin filling the area, took aim and shot at the still beeping Plasmagrenade, setting it off in a whirling vortex of flame, plasma and smoke

    The Eldar outcast dropped to the floor into the smoke and Khisanith dashed to Henjoe's side
    "[Boss, the dome is broken. We need to leave.]"
    Henjoe and the Outcast looked at the door; despite the scorch marks, it was undamaged. But the unlocking mechanism had begun.
    "[Go Khisanith. I will be inside. Bring the recovery team.]" she assured the Exodite and glancing casually toward the approaching vapour.

    out of the blue an Inquisitorial acolyte barreled into the outcasts' teammate, screaming a battlecry as her sword impacted the Eldar's soft belly. the Outcast, screaming in Eldar, impacted into the acolyte, smashing the human aside. with a glance of hatred toward Henjoe, she grabbed her associate and flew off in a blur of speed. Henjoe ducked under the opening door, pistol at the ready at whatever lurked within.
    As she began to shut the door, an elderly Inquisitor grunted as he dragged the acolyte, unconcious but thankfully fairly uninjured, into the Vault entrance.
    "Inquisitor Angstrom, at your service."
    Henjoe locked the door and it air-seal clicked into place with a hiss.
    "Inquisitor Claire Henjoe." She whipped he pistol up to the inquisitor's face. "Kaede Mack. Speak"
    The Inquisitor looked unfazed. "the Conglomerate needs to be stopped. This Vault should contain information to help."
    "Very well."
    As the Inquisitors rifled through the myriad of papers dataslates and treasures, they encounted information regarding Kaede Mack's location and a set of three interlinked crystals embedded in an adamantine ring.
    Angstrom looked at her admiring the ring.
    "Before you start" she interrupted his thoughts. "I have a recovery team enroute."
    Angstrom looked at his acolyte, nursing her wounds. "It would be my honour if you were to take the ring my lady. As a gift of our mutual interests..."

    Henjoe's personal shuttle landed in the woods of Daphnia. This is where the information had located Kaede Mack.
    Already Henjoe and Khisanith could see figures moving in the distance to their left and right.

    Henjoe began evading into the forests while Khisanith dashed across a ridge overlooking the spot where the meeting was due to take place.

    As Khisanith hunkered down, rifle ready in hand, she spotted an Outcast approaching Mack and sensed the movement of Kroot amongst the treeline

    Henjoe spotted the outcast talking to Mack and with a snarl called out in Eldar
    "[Imperial Inquisition! That man must be ended!]"

    At the same time, the winged Outcast from Giddigan's Last emerged from the trees toward Mack, calling for an alliance with the other Outcast.

    It was at this point Khisanith took aim and fired, her presicion shot impacting with Macks' head in a messy explosion of gore right inbetween the Outcasts!
    She dashed toward Henjoe, looking for the cover of the forest.
    The robed Eldar, shocked at the turn of events, took a tanglefoot grenade and threw it toward the human.
    However, the tree branches interrupted his aim and the grenade landed at Khisanith's feet, tripping the Exodite up with it's gravametric distortions.

    The Kroot, seeing Mack's body tumble into the open, sent the Knarloc to protect the Outcast.
    The beast lumbered toward Henjoe, easily detecting the human amongst the trees and crouched infront of her, a hiss escaping it's beak

    The winged Outcast charged into the Kroot, smashing the giant to the floor with her Agoniser while her companion grabbed Mack and began to drag him away from the erupting conflict.

    Henjoe, staring at the Knarloc said in a clear, authorative voice "Sit!" and she pointed at hte floor.
    As the Knarloc looked confused she eased back into the forests.
    The Knarloc, spotting the winged Eldar attacking it's master, charged and smashed the outcast to the floor.
    It grabbed Mack from the injured Eldar and lifted him in it's arms.
    Khisanith, taking a deep breath, paused and placed a shot through Mack's chest above the Knarloc's hand, the explosion of gore causing the monster to drop the now limp body.
    Laughing, Khisanith shouldered her rifle and ran after Henjoe back to the lander; they had an appointment with the centre of the Mack conspiracy...

    Their forethought had payed off; a large tanker sources had confirmed as the base of operations of the Kaede Mack Conspiracy thundered across the plains. As Henjoe and Khisanith watched in anticipation, they spotted a pair of trucks tailing the tanker, in a hurry to intercept it.

    as Henjoe readied herself to leap onto the passing tanker, Khisanith took aim and shot one of teh Mack conspiracors in the head, downing the man in a gush of gore.

    Meanwhile one of the trucks opened fire, racking the side of the tanker in holes and explosions.
    The truck retured fire, a rocket impacting with the ground near the other truck, causing it to swerve and avoid the blast

    Henjoe steeled herself and flung herself ont othe moving tanker, the pmact of the leap knocking the wind out of her and left her sprawling on the tanker's top deck.

    As Khisanith holstered her rfile and began to throw herself onto the tanker, the tanker's cannons belted the opposite truck and caused it to swerve.

    At this point a flash of light from a solar flare erupted, causing the tanker to shudder as all electronics and weapons shorted out.
    Henjoe, pulling the trigger on her pistol was rewarded with a click.
    As the goon infront of her gloated, she grit her teeth, grabbed the man and flung him off the speeding tanker, impacting the floor with a sickening crunch

    Khisanith watched the nearby truck aproaching and spotted the familiar face of Angrstrom's acolyte on the back. dropping softly onto the truck's roof, she smiled at the woman holdign on tightly
    "Ahai there!" as if the 60 mile-an-hour speeds and wind were of no consequence to the Exodite.

    Her confidence was miplaced as weapons fire from the tanker impacted with the front of the truck, throwing the Eldar flat on the roof.
    Meanwhile, Henjoe attacked a conspirator on the roof of the tanker, the pair fighting a desperate swordfight as more grunts clambered out of hatches across the tanker.

    As Khisanith fought to hold on, Angstrom's acolyte grabbed the Exodite and pushed her into the flat bed of the truck and launched herself onto the back of the tanker.
    At this point, the other truck swung around to fire at Khisanith; the truck opening fire along with the zombified occupants.
    Khisanith, in a fit of rage, leapt forward, dwaring her sword mid-air and impacted with the infected stood on the bonnet of the truck, both the Eldar and the Human taking damage from the blows and the impact.

    Henjoe, frustrated by the finesse displayed by the conspirator, focused and kicked the man right through the railings!

    Angstrom, using his telekinesis to control the truck, clambered awkwardly onto the roof and prepared to leap onto the tanker after his acolyte.

    one of the conspirators clambered onto the roof and attacked the gloating Henjoe!
    as she spun to face this attacker and forgot the second grunt attacking from the front of hte tanker!

    Angstrom concentrated and lept onto the tanker to join his acolyte while with a discharge of static and a taste of tin, a myysterious agent teleported onto the rig!
    Appearing behind Henjoe's melee, he grabbed one goon and flung him off the top of the tanker to land on Angstroms' Acolyte!
    Khisanith kicked upwards at the zombie pinning her down and the human sailed through the air to land on the tanker!

    Turning her attention toward the final zombie, the pair fought a desperate combat with neaither gaining advantage over the other...

    No sooner had Angstrom leapt off the truck, the Tanker opened fire, the shot causing the truck to shudder and swerved out of control.
    With another flash of light an Arbite appeared on the cab of the tanker, struggling to keep his balance from teleporting onto a moving vehicle!
    Henjoe struggled with the final cultist and the pair nearly pitched off the tanker!
    thankfully she kept her grip and kicked at the man who fell under the tanker's wheels!

    The leader of the Zombie Inquisitor crew, aware of the fight behind him, slammed the brakes and the truck skidded side-on impacting with the tanker briefly. This moment was enough; the jarring motion throwing Khisanith's balance off and allowing the zombie to leap onto the tanker.

    Cursing, she rested her rifle on the head-rest and as the Inquisitor turned, fired through his head! his spasm pitched the truck sideways, Khisanith leaping for the Tanker as the two trucks collided in an explosian!

    As one zombie opened fire on Angstrom and his Acolyte, a randomly-appearing scribe was teleported into the firefight and promptly shredded!
    The other zombie kicked and stabbed at Khisanith, managing to knock the Exodite off the tanker!

    with a remarkable stroke of luck and Eldar reflex, she managed to land squarely, rolling to her feet and openign fire in a single fluid movement.

    Angstrom focussed on the tanker, scanning it with his psyonics and cried out as he encountered the weird melding of energies at the spire. "Destroy it!" he shouted, pointing to the top. His acoylte climbed to the roof, turning her attention to the strange xenos being impaled by imperial tech on the tower above the tanker and lamented losing her Bolt Pistol earlier on.
    Henjoe, pushing the mysterious agent aside, drew her shuriken pistol and opened fire, shredding the delecate wires and mutated flesh, causing an explosion as the pent-up energies tore the thing to pieces!


    Inquisitor Claire Henjoe drummed her fingers on the desk in irritation.
    While they had stopped the mass re-cloning of Kaede Mack and distrupted the xenos psycic beacon keeping the conglomerate together, pockets of the conspiracy still lingered.
    "Kaede Ma..." she began when Khisanith interrupted her thought pattern by placing a data-slate on the desk
    "" she smiled a the inquisitor before wandering off, singing lightly to herself.
    Henjoe grabbed the dataslate and glanced at it.

    +++Attention Rogue Trader Eramus has fallen+++
    +++Riots on Obcultus V+++

    Inquisitor Jernice Haloe placed the slate on the desk and smiled...

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