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    Modelling: Paved Bases
    Modelling: Pinning
    Modelling: Using Guitar Wire
    Modelling: Water Bases
    Sculpting: Banded Armour
    Sculpting: Belts
    Sculpting: Laurels
    Sculpting: Rivets
    Sculpting: Skull Icons

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    1. 40k_astral_claws.jpg

    2. 40k_nephalim.jpg

    3. 40k_phoenix_lords.jpg

    4. 40k_space_wolves.jpg

    5. 54mm_elf.jpg

    6. bikers.jpg

    7. bolt_action_objective.jpg

    8. boon.jpg

    9. counters.jpg

    10. daemon_banners.jpg

    11. dark_eldar_duke.jpg

    12. dark_eldar_scourges.jpg

    13. dark_eldar_succubus.jpg

    14. dark_eldar_talos.jpg

    15. dark_eldar_wraithlord.jpg

    16. dark_eldar_wyches.jpg

    17. dark_elf_sroceress.jpg

    18. eldar_wraithlord.jpg

    19. firestorm_bases.jpg

    20. frostgrave_witches.jpg

    21. inq_felinid.jpg

    22. inq_medic.jpg

    23. inquisitor_trader.jpg

    24. marine_standard.jpg

    25. neverborn_darkdebts.jpg

    26. neverborn_monsters.jpg

    27. penguin_sculpt.jpg

    28. vampire_banner.jpg

    29. whfb_bsb.jpg

    30. whfb_ghorgon.jpg

    31. whfb_minotaurs.jpg

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