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  • Bloodbowl: League Game One
    Uncia Uncia Tribe -Amazons vs Lizardmen
    2-0 final score - 1-0 casualties

    we chose to Receive

    The Lustrian Salamanders first turn contained a mass of attacks on the girls, knocking a couple over

    The Amazons next turn involved moving the ball up the pitch while the girls had difficulty attacking the str4 saurus.

    Thankfully the Amazons were able to out-manoeuvre the Lizards and form an escort around Eyja

    seeing the cage, the lizardmen threw their Kroxigor to open it up

    however, the Krozigor hadn't moved far enough and the Amazons were able to dodge past it's prehensile tail!

    The Saurus tried to force their way into the path of hte cage and block the advance.

    In a remarkable feat of strength the Amazon Blitzers smashed the Saurus aside, knocking the lizardmen to the floor and shoving one off the pitch!

    However, Eyja was close enough to go for it across the line into the touch zone!

    The Amazons lined up, ready to stall the Lizards and push into their half with the kick

    However hte Lizards were able to push the girls back with a flurry of blocks

    Scrumming down, a return push from the Amazons shuffled things back into line

    and this scrum line of blocks ground the game to a standstill

    However, a Skink had the ball deep in the Lizardmens' half and began to make a move toward the front line..

    Running out of time, the half time buzzer rang...

    The Amazons took their customary places, facing off against the cold-blooded opposition

    and the Lizardmens series of blocks shoved teh girls line back a step

    Dividing their strength, the girls piled onto each flank, dodging around the large lizardmen to attack in groups

    The LIzardmen continued their assault, pushing the Amazons further toward the edge of the feild, clearing a path for a Skink ball-carrier to make a break into the Amazons half

    Rallying, the Amazons hammered the small skinks bodyguard and Gisela smashed the skink unconscious, the ball scattering onto Kitta who caught it expertly

    In teh mass panic that followed, the amazons continued their push and separated out the Lizardmen some more...

    The lizardmen attacked back, attempting to stop the Amazonian Cage forming...

    The Amazon Blitzers forced through the Lizardmen to hand off the ball to Eyja and allowing her to move for the Lizardman line...

    In a counter assault, the Lizardmen attempted to assault the Amazons to inflict some damage before the touchdown...

    However, they weren't close enough and Eyja touched down for the second time.

    The Amazons lined up ready for the coming assault; the Lizardmen didn't have time to touch and would enact revenge!

    A plethora of pushes followed, the Lizardmen could only push the amazons around

    The Amazons, however, pushed back in an attempt to smash back; Olrun succeeding in killing a Saurus Warrior outright!

    The Kroxigor careened into the Amazons, and again, failed to do any real damage to the warrior women...

    Meanwhile, the Skink Passing Team moved to the far side away from the Amazon Group ... however Frida saw her opportunity and as the seconds counted down to full time, went for it ... only to fall over!

    And as a Saurus rushed to foul her, managed to knock her out as the game ended...

    so, Eyja scored two touchdowns (to gain [b]+1 Ag[/b]), Olrun [b]killed[/b] a Saurus and Valha gain MVP for her sterling work at escorting and defending Eyja!
    Things were looking bleak for the Lizardmen while the Uncia Uncia Tribe made off with 60,000gp!

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