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    Conversion: Kneeling Figures
    Conversion: Malifaux Slop Hauler
    Conversion: Repeater Crossbows
    Conversion: Reposing Limbs
    Modelling: Cork Bases
    Modelling: Gap Filling
    Modelling: Paved Bases
    Modelling: Pinning
    Modelling: Using Guitar Wire
    Modelling: Water Bases
    Sculpting: Banded Armour
    Sculpting: Belts
    Sculpting: Laurels
    Sculpting: Rivets
    Sculpting: Skull Icons

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  • Battle Reports

    Magos Rownes Log 031009 (Winter Conclave '09)
    Adept Liwets Log 121209 Inquisitor Grand Tournament '09)
    Herald Claudius Recollection (Spring Conclave '10)
    Spiders and Shotguns; Emyrd on Ilithyia (Autumn Conclave '11)
    The Carlous VI Affair - Adept Liwet at the Inquisitor Grand Tournament '12
    Lost Contact - Inquisitor Herjailo hunts for an illusive contact
    Ancient Rites Autumn Conclave 13
    the Lachesis Affair Southwest Conclave 14

    Da RED Mob; Team Orktress 2
    Game 01 - Huntin' Santa Klawz

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle
    Throng of Traz-a-Kulub using my Dwarf army at my local club.
    Skabsnik eight-fingers' WAAAAAGH my Old School Goblin Army

    Xtreme Zombie Hunter
    Episode 260809

    Wyrd Malifaux
    Dead Heat: Ophelia vs Ramos
    Som'er vs Kaeris

    Blood Bowl
    Uncia Uncia Tribe Amazons - dodgy gallery code breaks the layout.. sorry!
    Game 01
    Game 02 and Gallery

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