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    Conversion: Kneeling Figures
    Conversion: Malifaux Slop Hauler
    Conversion: Repeater Crossbows
    Conversion: Reposing Limbs
    Modelling: Cork Bases
    Modelling: Gap Filling
    Modelling: Paved Bases
    Modelling: Pinning
    Modelling: Using Guitar Wire
    Modelling: Water Bases
    Sculpting: Banded Armour
    Sculpting: Belts
    Sculpting: Laurels
    Sculpting: Rivets
    Sculpting: Skull Icons

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  • Build Your Imagination

    The Holy Art started out as an idea between three hobbiests; "Inquisitor Sorax", "Inquisitor Dionzi" and "Greenstuff Gav" Fry.

    While all three were in different countries, they began to assemble a collection of guides on three aspects of "The Hobby".

    Painting, headed by Sorax,
    Converting headed by GS Gav and
    Sculpting headed by Dionzi.

    The collection of Guides grew and Sorax built a small selection of pages.

    Popularity grew and the collection became a set of forums with the guides written into php posts.

    However, with Sorax taking exams, Dionzi studying and Gav generally getting angsty, The Holy Art dwindled, Gav's occasional guides and posts from several harcore fanatics keeping the idea alive.

    With Sorax promptly vanishing from Teh Interweb and Gav's webhost dissapearing, he got his act together, a new team has appeared.

    However, THA eventually dies, as websites do from lack of new content. Gav & Chubbs, moving onto the world of Rackham, decided this time, the website will feature things that interest them, in an attempt to update more regulary...

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